(Barcelona, España)

2009, Barcelona. Sergio Sancho decide to create a Metal band to play faster than their usual Doom tunes. After a first period with Pep Caravante on drums and David Bruguera on vocals, some line-up changes few months after its creation complete the formation with Michel Serrano behind the drumkit, Laurent Py holding bass duties, and Javi Guerrero on vocals. As such they release on january 2012 their first album, fruit of more than 2 years of lethargic and narcotic Metal jams in various rehearsal places.

This 40 minutes piece brings an old school mix of Doom, Sludge and Thrash, creating an atmosphere primitive trance, supported by a grime sound courtesy of Moontower Studios. Some concerts ensued, before yet another change in the line-up: Xavier Alvarez replaced Guerrero on vocals and Jordi Boluda arrived on second guitar.

Now a five pieces formation, the band set forth to compose a second album filed with feedbacks and distortions. Out in january 2015 and aptly named “II”, it features 6 new tracks. There they refined their blend of Hellhammer, Eyehategod and Black Sabbath.