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Tempestarii – “Chaos at Feast” LP


Label: Depths of Void
12″ amber marble vinyl 180 gr. Poster, LTD 250 copies.
Available at the end of March.
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As soon as you start listening to “Chaos at Feast”, from the very first notes you are covered with a dense wall of monolithic sound. This album is like a fog, where subtle and familiar images replace each other in a swift whirlwind of four musical canvases.

In these four hymns everything is mixed – anger, grief, sorrow, despair and hope, here you will hear the moderately energetic and moderately melodic Atmospheric Black Metal. But without a doubt, this addictive and gorgeous album will be appreciated by fans of bands such as Wolves in the Throne Room, Ash Borer, Woman is the Earth and Vanum.

1.Deathwards Xibalba 10:37
2.Our Spears Point to the Heavens 08:08
3.Aeternus 09:12
4.High Celestial Peaks 09:47

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