Ninkharsag – “Discipline Through Black Sorcery” 7″ (2020)


Label: Vendetta Records.
Seller: Catábasis Records.
7″ black vinyl. 300 copies.

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Ninkharsag represents the force of elemental energy focused into raw power. Combining the sacred sound of ‘second wave’ black metal and infusing it with a contemporary aesthetic, Ninkharsag tears a hole through the now mire filled black metal scene to restore the power and majesty which made black metal a force to be reckoned with. Unafraid to imbue their songs with meaning, scope, a classical approach to riff structure and a sonic fury that bespeaks of a consuming hunger to conquer.

Inspired by magick, dark history, nature and warfare, Ninkharsag delve deep into forgotten lore to add a feeling of ancient archaism to pervade their musical themes. Musically, they have been compared to classics such as Emperor, Mayhem, Dissection and bands of that ilk but also have their own style which sets them apart from other contemporary bands and drags the 90’s black metal sound into the 21st century.

K.R.N. – Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
P.A. – Lead Guitar
J.P. – Drums
A.K. – Bass Guitar


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