Blut Aus Nord – «Hallucinogen»


Label: Debemur Morti.
Seller: Catábasis Records.
Slipcase Gatefold 2×12″ LP. Pressed on neon violet / white merge heavy vinyl with laser engraved etching on side D.

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Hallucinogen begins a new era for BLUT AUS NORD, ending the cycle of clandestine industrialised dissonance that culminated with previous transmission Deus Salutis Meae and moving skyward into freshly melodic territories of progressive clarity.

Interweaving dreamlike choirs, inimitable harmonic developments, reflective clean guitars, palpable organic drumming and a welcome rock and roll swagger, Hallucinogen is a spacious, emotionally wide-ranging record that finds BLUT AUS NORD more open than ever, full of life and revelling in the element of surprise.

Hallucinogen is yet another coherent universe from a band who have moved away from familiar tropes, aesthetics and comfort zones to unite – with Dionysian spirit – under/overland, surface/void, metropolis/mountain and the vastness of the mind’s eye into an indispensable addition to their unparalleled body of work.

Artwork by Dehn Sora.
Recorded & mixed at Earthsound Studio.
Mastered by Bruno Varea at Upload Studio.

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