¿España-Australia? World

GOUTS is a two-piece band formed by drummer Julio Garcia and guitarist Toby Wrecker in Melbourne, Australia in 2018.

These 2 veterans of the live music scene were destined to meet. Eventually.

Like ships in the night, Julio’s Madrid-based project, CODO narrowly missed the opportunity to support Hotel Wrecking City Traders during their 2013 European tour. It wasn’t until 2015 that they met in Melbourne, and this like-minded pair formed GOUTS in 2018. I think you will agree that it was well worth the 5 years of musical foreplay.

The GOUTS ideology and ethics are simple: no boundaries and no bullshit. The result is a heavy as fuck, unpredictable, genre-defying combination of melody and noise. Gig goers can expect to see a bunch of pedal pushing, heavy hitting, and an interactive band dynamic that’s as much fun to watch as it is to hear.

In June 2019, GOUTS went into the studio in Melbourne to record their first EP, ‘Big Horse I Love You’. Mixed in Antwerp, Belgium by legendary sound engineer Frank Rotthier whose previous credits include Julio’s band, Codo and Toxic Shock among others. Mastering was expertly taken care of by Jens Larsson in Brabant, Belgium.

The result is a huge sounding EP featuring 6 heavy, noisy and beautiful instrumental songs. This EP will sit comfortably alongside Floor, Torche, Big Jesus, Favez, Kinski and Sonic Youth in your record collection.

Right after their recording, GOUTS played a live show on the iconic Melbourne independent radio station, PBS FM, on Pojama People, a prog & stoner rock program hosted by Chris Pearson.